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New Xbox 360 Emulator for PC version 4 has been released! Download our PCx360 Emulator here to enjoy all Xbox 360 games on PC . Over 350 supported games, stability, performance and support. It's free for download!

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Watch the video on Vimeo to see how you can run your favorite games with the Xbox 360 Emulator.

Xbox 360 Emulator

Xbox 360 emulator Screenshots

Version 4 Emulator Features

  •  Average Frame Rate Improvement by approximately 30%
  • Completely new and redesigned UI
  • Virtual Hard disk (you can save game progress)
  • Support for a wide range of Graphic cards and CPU’s
  • Added support for many of the latest Xbox 360 games

More about Xbox 360 Emulator for PC

Xbox 360 Emulator for PCDevelopment of the emulators started few years back as a community project and soon grew to become the most advanced and feature rich emu available. Now , with version 4 released you can enjoy over 90% of popular games on your PC with high frame rate. The fps improvement came from integrated Xbox 360 emulator BIOS and the loading time was cut in half. Previous versions needed much better CPU’s to run it. This also allowed games to be played at much higher resolutions then before. The User interface has been improved and its now more intuitive with settings tab where you can set up your CPU and GPU according to your needs. Launching games with disk image has never been easier and you can do so via “Load ISO“. After the image has been loaded you can start the emulator and even though it comes preset for most games , you can tweak some settings afterwards.

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Emulator Modules Updated !

We just changed several modules in our latest emulator build. It includes many updates for increased Frames per second in some games. We also added the improved controller emulator.

Some changes made in new version:

Crash to desktop fixed when frame rate was below 20
Increased framerate for GTA V , [...]

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Future Plans for Xbox 360 Emulator

One of the big plans is to integrate Online feature that will allow you to play Multi-player games with other x360 emulator users. There is some great advance in this field in latest Beta version which has “Simulated LAN” feature. This allows you to play in Coop and MP via LAN or Hamachi. The last but not least ,we plan is integrating Xbox 360 Live to our emulator to turn it to the best Xbox 360 emulation software available.

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